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How It Works – Refills

Want to reduce your plastic consumption but no time to visit a zero waste shop? We’ve got you covered.

No faffing saving bottles, refilling yourself, weighing or measuring. Just really great products – from shampoo to laundry liquid to floor cleaner, delivered to your door or for click and collect.

We do all the hard work for you ? Just buy your refill bottles, and when they are done swap your empty for a new one – we’ll sanitise, refill and add the bottle back into the loop ♻️ Just like the milkman, but for your toiletries and cleaning products.

For most of our products, we offer bottles in glass or plastic (like these pump soap dispensers that just look GORGEOUS in your kitchen/bathroom – or of course feel free to use what you already have), then we offer 1l or 5l bottles you can refill them with at home.

I use the 5l bottles, because we have a big family and it means I don’t have to think of rebuying for ages. They also work out approximately 10% cheaper than the smaller 1l bottles, but the 1 litres are a great option if you are short on space.

Our main supplier for refills is Miniml, a yorkshire based business who operate a totally closed loop system – all the big bottles we refill from are returned to them for refilling and reuse so your purchases create zero plastic waste.

What are you waiting for? Join the refill revolution now ?