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CoupleLaura & PatrickDateJuly 2022

Flower crown, buttonholes & buckets for the beautiful Laura & Patrick.

The lovely Laura’s brief was tonnes of foliage, a mix of fresh & dried elements with nothing too flowery – super wild & natural – something different and I absolutely loved it!! Laura & family flowered up their own bouquets, and church decorations with our DIY buckets, some of which they helped pick themselves on the farm on a very rainy Thursday evening, and foliage from the family’s gardens, while I got the pleasure of making her flower crown & buttonholes!

It was by far the most intricate flower crown I’ve ever made and I was so nervous handing it over – as I always am with bridal flowers, I want so much to have got your visions right!! So I was so pleased to get a message from Laura the morning after and hear how much she loved it!